Challenges and Leaderboards

Meet the challenge for your favorite unit on Purdue Day of Giving by helping them win bonus funds through different challenges!

Challenges Before September 9

Introductory Video Sharing Challenge: $1,750

The top four units with the most shares of the introductory video, or shares of their campus' introductory video, with their unit's handle/hashtag will win a share of $1,750. The video sharing challenge will start on August 26 and end on September 1.

Winners will be announced on September 2!




User Generated Content Challenge: $2,500

The best Purdue pride shown on social media will win $500 each weekday from September 2 to September 8!

Winners will be announced the day following each challenge!




September 2$500
September 3$500
September 4$500
September 7$500
September 8$500

Hourly & Full-Day Challenges: $56,000

Additional bonus money will be awarded throughout the day to winners of the hourly challenges.

Hourly and Full-Day Challenges will go live on September 9!

Hourly Challenges:




12:00 AMHammer Thrown: Purdue Pete is challenging you to start PDOG right! Be the first to donate on Purdue Day of Giving.$500
12:00 AMUnit with the Most Gifts$2,000
1:00 AM50th Original Tweet with Unit Handle/Hashtag and #PurdueDayofGiving$1,000
3:00 AMUnit with the Most Gifts$2,000
7:00 AMUnit with the Most Gifts$2,000
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Full-Day Challenges:



1869th Gift on September 9$500
21,421st Gift on September 9 — Meet the Challenge to Beat Last Year's Total!$500
Most Creative Social Post using the Sharing Feature from the Thank You Email or Confirmation Page (I Gave Challenge)$1,500
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Donation Leaderboard: $100,000

Your favorite unit can win a share of $100,000 based on its percentage of the total amount raised on Purdue Day of Giving.

Donation Leaderboard will go live on September 9!

Participation Leaderboard: $55,000

The ten units with the greatest number of gifts on Purdue Day of Giving will win a share of $55,000.

Participation Leaderboard will go live on September 9!

Student Organization Leaderboards: $13,000

West Lafaytte student organizations have the opportunity to meet their own challenge to win a share of $13,000 in bonus funds.

Student Organization Leaderboards will go live on September 9!

Meet the Challenge Leaderboard: $20,000

Units who beat their gift total from Purdue Day of Giving 2019 will win part of $20,000 (based on their percent of the total increase of all units)!

Meet the Challenge Leaderboard will go live on September 9!