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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purdue Day of Giving?

Purdue Day of Giving is a 24-hour online-based fundraising effort taking place on April 24, 2024. On this day, Purdue students, alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, parents, friends, and fans are encouraged to give back to the university—and small donations can make a big impact in helping Purdue transform lives and change the world.

Gifts can go even further through our hourly and full-day challenges, and any gift can help your favorite unit (campus, college, school, program, or student organization) claim the top spot on our donation and participation leaderboards, which will win them bonus funds!

What can I do to help get the word out about Purdue Day of Giving?

Share why you rally on social media using #PurdueDayofGiving! By helping spread the word about the giant leaps this day makes possible, you can inspire others to give back and support their favorite Purdue units.

How do I make a gift?

First, visit our homepage to add a calendar reminder or receive an email reminder for Purdue Day of Giving. On April 24, 2024, be sure to come back to this website! You will be able to click any button that says “Donate” or “Give Now,” and directions will be provided. You can also make a gift by phone during Purdue Day of Giving at 1-800-319-2199. Thank you for your willingness and eagerness to support the university!

Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes, there is a $10 minimum gift on Purdue Day of Giving.

How do I decide where to give?

There are many different giving opportunities available on Purdue Day of Giving—and you can choose any of them! Gifts to any fund will make an important impact, and small donations can make a big difference. If you don’t wish to prioritize a specific cause, you can donate to your favorite unit’s listed unrestricted fund, which allocates your donation to their area of greatest need.

Where does challenge money go?

Challenge and prize money will go to each winning unit’s area of greatest need.

Can I give via stock in support of Day of Giving?

Yes, you can give a stock gift to support your favorite unit. For more information, please contact

Is it safe to make my gift online?

Yes! Purdue Day of Giving utilizes a technology vendor called GiveGab. GiveGab is partnered with Stripe, a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider—the most stringent level of certification possible—to process all gifts made through this website.

Are Purdue Day of Giving contributions tax deductible?

Yes, all gifts are tax deductible. After making your donation, you will receive an email confirmation that will serve as your receipt for tax purposes.