Purdue Day of Giving | Social Ambassador Toolkit

Love Purdue? Want to tell everyone about it? We thought so. Help us spread the word about Purdue Day of Giving by using #PurdueDayofGiving on social media. We have everything you need from a new profile picture to sample posts you can make into your own! Don’t be shy–start sharing now. Check it out:

Step 1 | Deck out your profiles for Purdue Day of Giving

Update your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles by downloading cover and profile photos.

Cover Photos | Download Here

Profile Photos | Download Here

Step 2 | Spread the word about Purdue Day of Giving to all your fans

Share the sample copy below on your social profiles to remind your friends and family to save the date and encourage donations on April 27.

Make the post your own by tailoring the messaging for your followers–don’t forget to use #PurdueDayofGiving!

Save the date:

  • #PurdueDayofGiving is April 27! I’m giving to grant opportunities for #Purdue & [Insert unit hashtag/handle here]! purdue.university/socialambassador
  • The countdown is on! Participate in #PurdueDayofGiving by donating to [Insert unit hashtag/handle here]: purdue.university/socialambassador
  • Let’s help Purdue University take the next giant leap by being part of #PurdueDayofGiving on April 27: purdue.university/socialambassador
  • Join me in helping to power Purdue's next giant leap on April 27! Learn more about #PurdueDayofGiving at purdue.university/socialambassador.
  • Show the world that we are Purdue—join me on April 27 to help take the next giant leap on #PurdueDayofGiving! purdue.university/socialambassador

April 27:

  • Rooting on [Insert unit hashtag/handle here] during #PurdueDayofGiving! purdue.university/socialambassador
  • Help power Purdue's next giant leap today on #PurdueDayofGiving at purdue.university/socialambassador. 
  • Today is #PurdueDayofGiving! Make a gift today and help power Purdue's next giant leap! purdue.university/socialambassador

I Gave:

  • #IGave to support [Insert unit hashtag/handle here] on #PurdueDayofGiving! 
  • #IGave to help power Purdue's next giant leap on #PurdueDayofGiving. Join me and make a gift at purdue.university/socialambassador!
  • #IGave through #PurdueDayofGiving to help [Insert unit hashtag/handle here]. You can too. Visit purdue.university/socialambassador and make your gift now.