Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purdue Day of Giving?

Purdue Day of Giving is an annual online-based fundraising event taking place today, April 24, 2019. For 24 hours, students, alumni, faculty, staff, parents, retirees, and friends are encouraged to give back to grant opportunities and transform lives at Purdue. Participation in hourly and full-day challenges can make your gift go even further, and any donation can help your favorite unit (campus, college, school, program, or student organization) claim the top spots on the donation and participation leaderboards for additional bonus funds!

What can I do to help get the word out about Purdue Day of Giving?

Post about Purdue Day of Giving on your social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat, using #PurdueDayofGiving and spread the buzz!

Giving on Purdue Day of Giving

How do I make a gift?

Simply click any button that says "Donate" or “Give Now” and follow the directions provided. You can also make a gift by phone on Purdue Day of Giving at 1-800-319-2199. Most importantly: Thank you for your support!

Is there a minimum donation amount?

Yes, there is a $10 minimum donation on Purdue Day of Giving.

How do I decide where to give? Where do gifts go?

Donors are encouraged to support funds across the University, but donors are welcome to designate their gift to any cause they feel most passionate about. If you don't wish to prioritize any one cause, you may donate to the unrestricted fund, which allocates donations to the area of greatest need within the Purdue community.

If I give to “general giving opportunities” and do not designate a fund in the comments section, where does my gift go?

If you do not select a fund, your gift will be designated to the Purdue Scholarship Fund.

Where does challenge money go?

Challenge and prize money will go to the winning unit’s area of greatest need fund.

Can I give via securities, donor-advised fund, or IRA rollover in support of Day of Giving?

Yes, you can also give via securities, donor-advised fund, or IRA rollover to support your favorite unit. For more information, please contact

Can I make an online recurring gift in support of Day of Giving?

Yes, visit to make your recurring gift.

Is it safe to make my gift online?

Yes. Purdue Day of Giving utilizes a technology vendor called GiveGab. GiveGab is partnered with Stripe, a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider (the most stringent level of certification possible), to process all gifts made through Stripe’s security documentation is available online.

Can a donor send a gift by mail or phone?

Yes, but because of the short time frame of Purdue Day of Giving, only gifts that arrive on April 24 or are made by phone or online will count toward the contest goals or bonus funds. You can make a gift by phone at 1-800-319-2199.

Can a donor make a pledge?

If you’d like to make a pledge, please contact for more information.

Will my Purdue Day of Giving contributions be tax-deductible?

Yes, your gift is tax-deductible. You will receive an email confirmation that serves as your receipt for tax purposes.

What is the Purdue Scholarship Fund?

The Purdue Scholarship Fund is a general scholarship fund that benefits undergraduate students all across the Purdue West Lafayette campus. On Purdue Day of Giving, any cash gift you give to the Purdue Scholarship Fund will be matched dollar for dollar by the University! All money raised will be distributed to students’ financial aid packages in academic year 2019-2020. This matching program will benefit our students immediately, and will help us to directly address affordability at Purdue. Please note that gifts to this fund cannot be named and cannot be directed to an existing endowed scholarship account. Donors wishing to state a preference to support students studying in a particular college/school may indicate this in the comments field. Acceptable preferences are:

Will my gift count toward Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University?

Yes, all gifts on Purdue Day of Giving will count toward the overall dollar and gift totals for Ever True.

What is Pave the Way?

Pave the Way is a philanthropic component to Back a Boiler, Purdue’s income share agreement initiative that offers students and their families an alternative financing option. Pave the Way invites donors to support participating students by making a tax-deductible, charitable gift. To learn more, click here.

When are the hourly challenge winners announced?

The times listed on the leaderboard are the times at which the challenges begin. The challenge winners will be announced one hour from the start time. For example: The international donor challenge will begin at 3 a.m. EDT, and winners will be announced at 4 a.m. EDT.

How can I make a gift to multiple participants?

On the donation form, simply select “add a gift” to select another participant on April 24.

What payment methods are accepted on Purdue Day of Giving?

In addition to all major credit/debit cards, you can make a gift through ACH, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay.

How do I make my gift via ACH payment?

For ACH bank transfer, there is a $100 minimum donation. If your transaction total is $100 or more, you will see a drop down option under Payment Method for Bank Transfer. Select Bank Transfer and enter your details on the following page.

How do I make my gift via Apple/Google/Microsoft Pay?

For Apple/Google/Microsoft Pay, you will see the option associated with your phone under Payment Method. You will only see the option if your phone is set up for mobile pay. Select Apple/Google/Microsoft Pay and enter your details on the following page.